Canopy for Aqua Daybeds

Canopy for Aqua Daybeds
  • SKU: SO-3401-683

  • Made in USAUpholstery or Awning Fabric.
  • This item is Made-to-Order.
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  • SO-3401-683
    Width: 90″ | Diam: 45″                     Canopy C.O.M. Yardage: 10

  • SO-3401-682
    Width: 84″ | Diam: 92″                     Canopy C.O.M. Yardage: 10

  • SO-3401-681
    Width: 64″ | Diam: 32″                     Canopy C.O.M. Yardage: 8

  • Note: Dimensions may vary by up to an inch. Weights are an estimate and for reference only.
  • Upholstery or Awning Fabric.


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